Business Miscellaneous Fees

ATM Fees
Non-ANB Bank ATM (Foreign ATM) $2.00 each (ATM operator/owner may charge an additional surcharge)
Debit or ATM Card Fees
Replacement Card $10.00 per card (when ordered two or more times a year)
Rushed Card Replacement $50.00 per card
International Transactions (ISA) 1% of each transaction
Overdraft Fees
Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) $30.00 per item paid or returned for non-sufficient funds created by check or by other electronic means (excluding ATM and one-time debit charges)
Overdraft Continuous $5.00 per day (the first 5 days there is no charge)
Overdraft Transfer (Savings to Checking) $5.00 each
Business Overdraft Line of Credit $20.00 annual fee
Account Fees
Account Closing $25.00 if closed within 90 days of opening
Paper Statement $5.00 per month for Business
Check Orders Varies by selection and quantity ordered
Check Imaging
Front of checks or deposits $5.00 per month Business
Back of checks or deposits $2.00 per month
Business Check Cashing $5.00 each (non-customers)
Cashier's Check $5.00 each (ANB customers only)
Foreign Deposited Item $3.00 each
Temporary Checks $0.25 each
Activity Printout $3.00 each
Garnishments/Levies $75.00 each
IRA Closing $25.00 per account
Regulation D Excessive Withdrawal (Savings & money management accounts) $10.00 per occurrence
Research/Reconciliation $25.00 per hour
$5.00 per statement copy
$2.00 per page
Fees vary for electronic copies via USB or CD Rom (shipping is also additional)
Service Fees
Online Banking – Business
View, Transfer with Bill Pay Free
View, Transfer, Bill Pay with Treasury Management $25.00 per month (Credit approval required for some functions)
Additional fees for products may apply
Bill Pay Free
Overnight or Expedited Bill Pay Additional fee per payment varies
Transfers – Online, Mobile or 24/7 Telephone Banking Free
Transfers – Customer Care or Lobby Assistance $1.50 per transfer
External Transfers – Lobby Assistance $3.00 per transfer
Loan Sweep to Business Checking $5.00 per sweep or $ 75.00 per month
Night Depository Bags $5.00 zipper.....................................$25.00 lock bag
Key Replacement $5.00 each
Stop Payment $30.00 each (6 months).....................$ 35.00 each (12 months)
Wire Incoming $12.00 each (Domestic).....................$15.00 each (International)
Wire Outgoing Domestic $25.00 each
Wire Outgoing International $50.00 (additional international fees could apply)
Returned Deposit Item $7.00 each
Redeposit Item $7.00 each
Collection Fees
Collections $20.00 incoming and outgoing
Foreign Items $50.00 each
Special Handling Instructions $25.00 per month
Safe Deposit Boxes
Safe Deposit Box Rental, varies by box size and location (request pricing from your local banking center)
Lock Drilling Varies by location
Lost Key $25.00