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Business Miscellaneous Fees 

ATM Fees
Non-ANB Bank ATM (Foreign ATM) $2.00 each (ATM operator/owner may charge an additional surcharge)
Debit or ATM Card Fees
Replacement Card $10.00 per card (when ordered two or more times a year)
Rushed Card Replacement $50.00 per card
International Transactions (ISA) 1% of each transaction
Overdraft Fees
Overdraft Fee $20.00 per transaction paid by the bank when there are non-sufficient funds within the account. If amount of the transaction is less than $20.00 or if the account has a negative balance of $100.00 or less, it will not charge a fee. Maximum amount of overdraft fees is limited to $80.00 a day. 
Business Overdraft Line of Credit $20.00 annual fee
Account Fees
Account Closing $25.00 if closed within 90 days of opening
Paper Statement $5.00 per month for business
Check Orders Varies by selection and quantity ordered
Check Imaging
Front of checks or deposits $5.00 per month
Back of checks or deposits $2.00 per month
Business Check Cashing $5.00 each (non-customers)
Cashier's Check $5.00 each (ANB customers only)
Foreign Deposited Item $3.00 each
Temporary Checks $0.25 each
Activity Printout $3.00 each
Garnishments/Levies $75.00 each
Research/Reconciliation $25.00 per hour
$5.00 per statement copy
$2.00 per page
Fees vary for electronic copies via USB or CD Rom (shipping is also additional)
Dormant Fee – Checking $25.00 annually, after no customer initiated activity for 24 months with less than $100.00*
Dormant Fee – Savings/Money Management $25.00 annually, after no customer initiated activity for 48 months with less than $100.00*
Service Fees
Online Banking – Business
View, Transfer with Bill Pay Free
View, Transfer, Bill Pay with Small Business Package $12.00 per month (Credit approval required for some functions)
Additional fees for products may apply
View, Transfer, Bill Pay with Treasury Management $25.00 per month (Credit approval required for some functions)
Additional fees for products may apply
Bill Pay
Overnight or Expedited Bill Pay Additional fee per payment varies
Business Bill Pay Permanent Increase of Limits $10.00 per month
Business Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) $5.00 monthly
Transfers – Online or Mobile Free
Transfers – Customer Care or Lobby Assistance $1.50 per transfer
External Transfers – Lobby Assistance $3.00 per transfer
Loan Sweep to Business Checking $5.00 per sweep or $ 75.00 per month
Night Depository Bags $5.00 zipper, $25.00 lock bag
Key Replacement $5.00 each
Stop Payment $30.00 each (6 months)
Emergency Extending ACH or Wire Cutoff $25.00 each
Wire Incoming $12.00 each (Domestic), $15.00 each (International)
Wire Outgoing Domestic $25.00 each
Wire Outgoing Domestic through Online Banking $15.00 each
Wire Outgoing International $50.00 each (additional international fees could apply)
Wire Outgoing International through Online Banking $20.00 each
Redeposit Item $7.00 each
Emergency Reversal File $25.00 each
Collection Fees
Collections $20.00 incoming and outgoing
Foreign Items $50.00 each
Special Handling Instructions $25.00 per month
Safe Deposit Boxes
Safe Deposit Box Rental, varies by box size and location (request pricing from your local banking center)
Lock Drilling Varies by location
Lost Key $25.00


*It is possible for a transaction or item that has been presented on your account and returned due to insufficient funds (as an NSF) to subsequently be presented multiple times against your account; this could result in multiple NSF fees being charged for the re-presentment of the same item.

*If balance is equal or less than $25.00, only the dormant fee will be charged up to the balance remaining in the account. No overdraft fees will be charged.