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Adult Financial Education
Adult Financial Education
Adult Financial Education

Adult Financial Education

FDIC Money Smart

A self-paced Computer-Based Instruction (CBI) format online in English and Spanish.

It's My Money!

This US government site is dedicated to teaching all Americans the basics about financial education. Also, includes information from 20 federal agencies.

6 Tips to Smart Shopping

Get the most out of your real world and online shopping trips.

12 Tips to Avoid Holiday Scams

The holiday season is a great time to spread cheer, but it's also an opportunity for fraudsters to spoil your goodwill with scams.

Tips for Creating a Strong Password

While your password is easy for you to remember, it might also be easy for a hacker to discover and steal your personal information.

Protecting Seniors from Financial Abuse

Be organized, proactive, and aware to protect yourself, family and friends from financial abuse.

Tips for a Safe Mobile Banking App Experience

Be cautious when downloading apps on smartphones and tablets, as some could be concealing malicious intent. Cyber actors target banking information using several techniques, including app-based trojans and fake banking apps.

Shopping Securely During the Holidays

November and December are open season for savvy bargain hunters, but it also puts unsuspecting consumers in the crosshairs of would-be scammers hoping to feast on ill-gotten gains.