Customer Security and Protections

FDIC's Identity Theft & Fraud - Gain supplemental guidance and education on internet fraud.

Fraud Protection Resources:

Your Security, Our Priority Video - The security of your account is a priority for us.

FBI - Be Crime Smart - Learn about protecting yourself, your children, your computer, your workplace and more from the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Fighting Back Against Identity Theft - A one-stop national resource to learn about the crime of identity theft from the Federal Trade Commission.

Obtaining Additional Records

Top 10 Security Tips – Dos and Don’ts

Fraudulent Scam Alerts:

The FREAK Attack SSL/TLS Vulnerability - A new internet security SSL/TLS vulnerability called the FREAK attack was announced. This vulnerability affects certain Internet Browsers...

Online Banking Alert - Recently a worldwide online security vulnerability with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer versions 5 and 6 has been announce...

Merchant Card Security Breach - Numerous merchants have experienced security breaches to their networks in 2014 that have potentially compromised their customers cardholder information...

Consumer Alert, Gift Card Texts - Mobile telephone users are receiving text messages stating they have won money or retail store gift cards…

Consumer Alert, Card Skimming on the Increase - Increasing instances of credit or debit card skimming at ATM machines or pay-at-the-pump gas stations has necessitated the issuing of this CONSUMER ALERT...

Skimmers Siphoning Card Data at the Pump - Thieves recently attached bank card skimmers to gas pumps at more than 30 service stations along several major highways in and around Denver, Colorado...

Better Business Bureau Warns Small Business Owners of Fraud - Reports of scammers plying their trade through telephone relay services - typically used by the hearing impaired to make phone calls - are cropping up all across the country.

Emails Claiming to be from the FDIC - Important alert on an email scam to obtain personal information.

Use Common Sense While Online - REMEMBER...if it sounds too good to be true, it is. Please do not fall for these scams that tempt you with prizes or ways to clean your computer. Never click on buttons on screens unless you absolutely know what you are doing.

Our Debit Cards Have a Watch Dog:

FraudWatch PLUS - Your ANB Bank EasyCheck Debit Card is protected by a service that helps prevent potential fraudulent use of your card.

Protect Your Identity:

Anti-Virus / Malware protection is more important today than ever before…

Fraud Prevention Tips - Please be advised that the Bank will never request confidential information through e-mail or the phone unless a transaction is initiated by you...

IDSafeShield and IDSafeShield PLUS - Learn how ANB Bank is safeguarding your identity and how you can further protect your good name.

Verified by VISA:

Get an extra layer of security when you shop online.

Activate the Verified by VISA - Click on the link to activate this feature on your ANB Bank Debit Card.

Click Here For Verified by VISA FAQs

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