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ANB Bank has been providing Retirement Plan Services to clients for over 30 years.
Let us have the opportunity of applying this service experience and success to your
Qualified Retirement Plan.

Retirement Plan Services

  • 401(K)s
  • Profit Sharing
  • Money Purchase
  • ESOPs
  • SEPs
  • IRAs
    • Traditional
    • Roth
  • Self-Directed IRAs
  • Simple Plans

Administration & Record Keeping

One of the most frequent comments we receive is that businesses like yours do not receive the kind of personalized, hands-on service from their Third Party Administrator they need in order to make their retirement plan more valuable to their employees.

Our pledge to you is that you will have a Relationship Manager familiar with your account and available to you at any time. In addition, ANB is committed to:

  • Providing accurate and timely benefit reports
  • Answering all telephone calls within one business day
  • Reducing your in-office paperwork by removing this burden from your shoulders and putting it on ours
  • Providing on-site assistance when help is needed
  • Produce 5500, 1099s and other retirement tax reports on a timely basis

Compliance & Fiduciary Concerns

Because ANB acts as Trustee of each plan, we assume the fiduciary duty to make sure your plans are up-to-date and reflect all new legislative and regulatory changes. As part of our Trustee function we will:

  • Eliminate anxiety about fiduciary liabilities
  • Eliminate the need for the sponsor to develop an investment policy statement and investment selection criteria
  • Take care of 404(c) issues (ensure 404(c) compliance)
  • Frontline for DOL audit concerns
  • Act as a firewall for participant issues
  • Responsible for ADP, ACP, coverage, top heavy and other required compliance testing


ANB’s Retirement Plan Services Division has a staff of highly trained and educated portfolio managers to handle the required due diligence for the investments offered by your plan. We will continue to evaluate each investment based upon our selection criteria and on a regular basis ensure the investments offered are high quality and low cost.

In addition we will help:

  • Educate participants by providing investment consulting and advisory service
  • Eliminate sales and surrender charges
  • Insure appropriate diversification levels in investment offerings
  • Internal review and analysis of plan investment options
  • Provide 24/7 online and voice response account access


Our Retirement Plan Services Group is committed to a high standard of employee education. One of the major complaints amongst participants is that they feel uneducated regarding their retirement plan, options and investments. We are committed to:

  • Providing a thorough discussion of your plan and its components either in person or via webinars
  • Helping participants understand their investment options and the value of adequate asset diversification
  • Fully disclosing all fees and other plan costs
  • Educating participants regarding the value of administration and associated fees
  • Educating participants about the use of wireless access to manage their account

401(k) Website

Log on to the 401(k) website to manage your retirement account.

NOTE: The 401(k) website is available only to individuals who have been assigned the required login information. If you do not have login information, contact us by phone at 307-778-5374 or email us for assistance.

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